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Adhere to Rigorous Public Health Standards for Your Business

Quality and compliance have always been among the top challenges faced by food and beverage dispensing companies. You need to ensure the safety of every single part of your equipment for its application. If your business must adhere to the safety regulations applying to any component that comes into contact with drinking water or that is used in commercial food equipment manufacturing, there is one tried-and-true way to ensure your compliance—use NSF 51 and 61 approved materials.

Because your food and beverage dispensing equipment often requires adherence to both NSF 51 and 61, using materials that are dual certified is ideal. The NSF certification is an industry benchmark for health and safety, and its stamp of approval will give your workers, customers, and buyers the confidence that your products are safe for their intended use. North Coast Seal uses a rubber compound that carries both NSF 51 and 61 certifications for molding rubber. All parts made with this compound are EPDM peroxide cured and 70 durometers, and the material is ideal for use in the manufacturing of food and beverage dispensing systems and other food processing equipment. You can also work with North Coast Seal to have your own material tested and approved by the NSF.

Benefits of NSF 51 and 61 Certification for Your Business

Market Your Food and Beverage Dispensing Products With NSF

Once your material obtains the trusted NSF seal of approval, you can benefit from:

  • The knowledge that your products meet the standards for public health
  • The ability to market your material with the NSF certification branding
  • The trust that consumers will have in your NSF-certified products
  • The confidence that your products are non-toxic and will keep liquids potable

Learn About Our NSF 51 and 61 Dual-Certified Material

Take the Guesswork Out of Product Safety

You are focused on providing innovative and leading solutions for the food and beverage industry with your dispensing equipment. Let us provide a solution for ensuring the health and safety of those products and adherence to NSF 51 and 61 standards. We make the process as simple and straightforward as possible and help you obtain the benefits of NSF certification.