Understanding NSF 51 & 61 Dual-Certified Materials

Understanding NSF 51 & 61 Dual-Certified Materials

NSF 51 vs. NSF 61: How Are These Certifications Different?

In the food equipment manufacturing industry, there is a lot of discussion about two very important certifications: NSF 51 & NSF 61. Both of these designations from the National Science Foundation (NSF) are designed to ensure the safety of materials used in food and beverage production, but both were created for different and highly specific purposes. 

  • NSF 51 is the standard for “Food Equipment Materials,” and is primarily used for materials and products used in the commercial food equipment manufacturing process.
  • NSF 61 is the standard for “Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects” and is used to determine the safety of water systems and any product, component, or material that comes into contact with drinking water.

For commercial food equipment manufacturers, adherence to both NSF 51 and 61 is essential, and that is why these certifications are often grouped together in discussion. The NSF 51 & 61 dual certification is an industry-leading standard for health and safety and gives confidence to your workers, your customers, and your buyers that your products are safe for use.

How Does the Process for Certifying Your Materials Work?

If you are interested in certifying a specific material with NSF, that material must be sent directly to NSF labs for rigorous testing. The NSF will test the material within the qualifications to meet the specifications outlined in both NSF/ANSI 51 & 61. If the material passes those tests, you can pay the required fee and officially state that your specific material is NSF 51 & 61 certified. As long as you recertify the material with the NSF on an annual basis, you can market your material with the trusted and respected NSF stamp of approval. With your certified material, North Coast Seal can make anything that your operation can process—from O-rings to custom molded parts and more. North Coast Seal can also use our NSF 51 & 61 dual-certified rubber compound for your molding and sealing product needs.

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We are here to serve your rubber and plastic product needs, including a full range of NSF 51 & 61 certified products. Let us help you ensure your products will meet the standards for public health and sanitation and provide you the highest quality in materials and customer service.

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