O-Ring and Custom Molded Inspection

Highest Quality Inspections in the Industry

Technology That Raises Your Standards

North Coast Seal takes inspection seriously. We start with verifying the rubber compounds we supply for each customer to ensure that the formula works for the individual application, but we don’t stop there. Our O-ring and custom molded product inspection process ensures that once the compound takes the shape needed by our customers, it holds up to the standards we expect for performance. We use state-of-the-art equipment to get an in-depth look at each product before it is packaged up and shipped out. You can trust the products we send because they have been rigorously inspected to ensure the best quality.

It is important to note that we offer O-rings at NCS that have a dual certification of NSF 51 and 61 dual-certified materials. This certification indicates that your product will meet very specific public health standards for any materials used in food and beverage production—ensuring trust for your manufacturers and customers.

The Proof Is In the Pictures

How Cameras Prove Quality

Our NSF-certified O-rings and molded products are put under tremendous scrutiny before they leave our shop. The only way to know for sure that they are going to perform to our standards is to get a closer look, and this is done with high-tech cameras and innovative techniques. All of our O-rings are put into a machine that has two rotating glass tables inside, and high-speed cameras take multiple pictures from incredible angles to ensure that every surface of the O-ring undergoes visual inspection. A laser inspection checks product thickness, and through this process, all defects can be removed. The cameras check flash, defects, concentricity, and inclusions and can independently sort and reject inferior products. This is all concluded with a final video inspection. By the time these quality checks are complete, your product is the most trusted on the market, making these the safest alternatives in the natural gas, aerospace, and automotive industries, where adhering to standards and specifications is critical.

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