Quality Services

In-house material verification systems

NCS uses a variety of equipment to verify and test products. Our in-house compression set testing, specific gravity testing, hardness testing and infrared analytical equipment provide documentation that each shipment matches materials that you approved.


Custom inspection processes

We inspect to a C=0 sampling plan for many of our customers.

Services Offered


NCS is aware that in order to be successful, you need the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost of ownership. Our fulfillment center is used to successfully manage the replenishment of individual components, both in production and service kits as well as assembled components such as hydraulic cylinder heads, pistons and various sub-assemblies. Many of our customers agree that our fulfillment center can significantly reduce their inventory investment while streamlining their paperwork and material handling investments. There are fewer dollars tied up in inventory and lower costs associated with purchase order processing, warehousing and order picking by as much as 75%.


Visit our inspection process page to learn more about our specialized inspection equipment.

To ensure our customers are receiving the highest level of quality, we offer the highest quality inspection services in the industry. Our inspection machines allow for the rapid, automated inspection of o-rings and other molded rubber parts. The cameras and most-advance-level software can check flash, defects, concentricity and inclusions while independently sorting/rejecting the system for each control station and then create full statistical data for review.
We have the capability to inspect most rubber molded seals which is vital in certain applications like natural gas, aerospace and automotive where specifications are critical.


Custom kitting is provided to support your aftermarket sales and component assembly. Kitting eliminates multiple inventory items and internal procurement documents.


We can coat parts with lubricants and powders to your specification. We also have the ability to Teflon coat parts.


NorthCo Packaging is a superior custom packaging operation that uses ultrasonic welding to seal clam shells. We have the ability to package all shapes and sizes with custom labeling and a clean cut seal.

In-House Testing

For most companies, testing is someone else’s responsibility. They either rely on the manufacturing companies they work with to test the products, or they figure the retailer selling the product should be responsible for assessing quality. At North Coast Seal, we believe that if a product is leaving our facility with our name on it, then it’s up to us to decide if it is up to our standards. That’s why you can trust that if North Coast Seal is supplying your rubber materials, they will perform the way they need to in order for your customers to be satisfied!

NCS Xpress

Our NCS Xpress services use specialized technology to meet your sealing and formed parts needs. These custom services are economical for low quantities, can be completed within 48 hours if needed, and are crafted to minimize your downtime and maximize your flexibility. Our team can respond quickly to urgent spare parts orders, repairs, small series orders, and prototyping while maintaining superior quality. 

Whether you are looking to order a low quantity of machined seals or you have an urgent repair or maintenance issue, North Coast Seal can meet your needs with our Xpress services. Take a closer look at the available products, materials, and benefits and let us know how we can help!

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