Piston and Rod Seals

North Coast Seal’s T-Seals come in both Piston and Rod styles. The T-Seal is designed as a double acting seal and fit a standard O-ring groove (intermediate and wide base glands are also available). The T-Seal design prevents extrusion and spiraling up to 5,000 PSI.

Our standard T-Seals are made with a 70 durometer Nitrile sealing element and two (2) split Nylon back-up rings. We offer a variety of sealing element and back-up ring materials to solve OEM and service repair requirements.

Material Science

We have worked on thousands of custom materials and formulations to assist our customers with finding the right material for their application. The T-Seal is available in many materials, including Nitrile, Carboxylated Nitrile, and Fluoroelastomers, as well as many other rubber compounds.

For Use In

Used in reciprocating hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and high pressure applications, our T-Seal eliminates two major sealing problems often experienced with other packings:

  • Extrusion through large metal clearances which are abnormally large and/or where pressures are above 1500 psi.
  • Roll and spiral failures due to instability in grooves.

It is important to first select the specific pressure range, temperature range, maximum diametrical clearance and seal width. The most common cause of seal failure is due to extrusion of seal through a clearance gap. Many other failures result from small errors in back-up ring dimensions, in particular at the point of split.

Our T-Seals are used for a wide range of applications, including: oil drilling, submarines, pumps, accumulators, presses, construction equipment, industrial machinery, mining equipment, farm machinery, off-road equipment, service station equipment, hydraulic valves, Pneumatic Equipment and other fluid power applications.

Detailed Information

The North Coast Seal T-Seal eliminates rolling or spiraling, even under long-stroke or dry-rod conditions. When piston or rod movement does occur, even under very low pressures, the design allows the back-up rings to lock the sealing element in place all while retaining the space-saving attributes of the O-Ring design.

Because our T-Seal has a back-up ring on both sides of the sealing area, it functions very well in double-acting applications. NCS T-Seals also adapt to wider gaps and immediately respond to pressure surges and shocks.

The NCS T-Seal is compressed to eliminate low pressure leakage. The back-up rings float between the T-Seals’ flanges and the rod or bore, minimizing friction and wear. When pressure is applied, a bridge is formed before extrusion can occur. The T-Seal’s back-up utilizes hydraulic pressure to keep it in contact with the rod or cylinder wall, which prevents extrusion from occurring.

Quality and Customer Service

Our engineers, chemists and customer service personnel are always available to assist in the solutions of your sealing concerns. There is no charge when our engineers or chemists provide you with their expertise and information.

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