Spring-Energized Seals (SES)

Product overview

When you need a seal that requires a high tolerance for frictional, temporal, pressure or chemical resistance, and a typical elastomeric seal can’t handle the conditions, you might need to look at a spring-energized product from North Coast Seal. Even when your elastomeric seal materials can handle the load, you might find extra peace of mind by switching it out for a spring-energized seal.

Among the benefits of a spring-energized seal:

  • They provide gas-tight sealing systems
  • They help you achieve fugitive emission reduction goals
  • They help you meet all environmental regulations and standards

When you need a solution that gives you the comfort of knowing you are covered, no matter the environment, think about a spring-energized seal from NCS.

Industries and Applications

North Coast Seal provides spring-energized seal solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications.

Here is a look at some of the industries and applications we provide spring-energized seal solutions for:

✔ Oil and Gas Industries
✔ Automotive
✔ Instrumentation

✔ Transportation
✔ Chemical Processing
✔ And More
✔ Medical
✔ Energy Applications

Are you looking for a high-quality spring-energized seal for one of the above industries? Or perhaps you have a need but your industry wasn’t on our list? Contact us today and get started by telling us about your project!

Materials and Styles

PTFE compounds are the most common seal jacket material used for our spring-energized seal solutions, but they certainly aren’t the only material we offer. North Coast Seal offers custom spring-energized seal solutions comprised of:


Not only do we offer a wide variety of materials for our spring-energized seal manufacturing, we also offer several of the most popular design styles to accommodate your needs. These designs include:

✔ Continuous Contact Springs
✔ Cantilever Springs
✔ Helical Wound Springs
✔ Elliptical Coil Springs
✔ Slanted Coil Springs
✔ V-Springs

Our Seal Classifications

North Coast Seal offers some primary seal classifications to make seal selection easy.

NCS-VS-Series – V-Spring Seals

The U-cup seal design is made from PTFE and other polymer alloys and the energy comes from a corrosion-resistant, V-shaped cantilever beam spring. System pressure and a constant live compression load maintain the energy inside the V-spring. Our V-spring seals are available in several designs: standard and custom rod, face seal, piston, and more. All are intended to meet all of your specific application requirements!

NCS-SC-Series – Slanted Coil Spring Seals

When it comes to designs for small diameters and cross-sections, our slanted coil springs provide benefits to help get the job done. Our product line accommodates cross-sections that are smaller than the standard measurement of 1/16” – this enables us to facilitate your needs for your custom projects. Our slanted coil spring seals are perfect for reciprocating, oscillatory motion, and rotary applications because they have inherent spring-loaded characteristics. The deflection range of a slanted seal is like that of the V-springs mentioned above, but they are a premier option for friction-sensitive sealing applications. They have a moderate spring load versus deflection and are relatively flat in shape. These properties have made the slanted coil spring seal particularly useful in scientific instrumentation applications.

NCS-HS-Series – Helical Spring Seals

Made from a flat ribbon and wound into a round cross-section inside a polymer jacket, helix geometry, NCS helical spring seals produce a very high unit load over a small deflection range. Designed for use in U-cup seals and other configurations for radial or axial compression, the helical spring-loaded seals are ideal for static or slow dynamic applications and work particularly well in low temperatures. They also work great in applications where additional force is required to overcome thermal effects, such as stem seals and cryogenic valves.

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