Products ยป Compression Molded Large O-Rings


Diameters Without Limits!

Using an innovative production system based on a conventional compression-step molding process, North Coast Seal is able to provide our customers with large- scale O-rings that do not require joints, vulcanization or glue! This molding system guarantees the highest mechanical properties because the process is controlled by manipulators and specially developed software. This allows us to produce high-quality, high-performance O-rings at competitive prices and at any size you need!

Simply choose from our available cross sections (starting at 2.62 mm up to 40 mm), calculate the diameter you need and we'll produce the O-ring according you your specifications! Perfect for special plants, large machinery/equipment, non-standard applications and more!

One cross section > One production line > All the diameters you need!

  • Large Dimensions
  • Competitive Pricing
  • No Cost for the Molds
  • No Minimum Quantity
  • Express Delivery
  • Personalized, Custom O-Rings


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