Custom Molded Products

Top Custom Molded Rubber Products

NCS has extraordinary capabilities in custom molded rubber products that provide the best products for our clients’ applications. Our strength is in our ability to coordinate the best results from the factory. We offer high-quality diaphragms, bellows, boots and many other custom molded rubber configurations in a variety of compounds to meet your specifications molded from any type of elastomer. NCS can also add color to your rubber for assembly verification, brand identification, part distinction, and safety. North Coast Seal is ready to modify your custom molded plastic parts to fit the needs of your project!

Rubber Injection Molding

When you need quality custom rubber molded products quickly, injection molding is your solution.

This process is automated and eliminates operator error when placing preforms into the cavities, which can be a tedious process. With the reduction in cueing and cavity filling time, parts can be produced at a faster rate and the automation ensures quality control. 100 pieces? 1,000,000 pieces?

No order is too big or small for rubber injection molding from North Coast Seal.

Rubber Compression Molding

When you need a small batch of products or you have a large part that takes longer to cure, the oldest process for rubber molding still works great. Compression molding is a process where rubber compounds or rubber materials are made into preforms and then loaded into a mold where the rubber is cured. Once the product is demolded, excess rubber is deflashed, leaving the perfect product for your custom needs.

North Coast Seal is the expert team for any type of custom rubber molding!

Rubber to Metal Bonding

Looking for a compound that is super resistant to extreme temperatures and high-pressure environments?

Bonding rubber to metals like steel, brass, aluminum or even plastic creates a more durable product. With fewer parts to assemble, these pieces take less time to produce, while ensuring higher accuracy with fewer errors in production.

When your project calls for sealing and flow control in tough conditions, look no further than NCS!


✔ Buna-N (Nitrile)
✔ Viton® (Fluorocarbon)
✔ Silicone
✔ EPDM (Ethylene Propylene)
✔ Chemraz®§
✔ Kalrez®*
✔ Simriz®†
✔ Teflon® (PTFE)
✔ Neoprene*
✔ Natural Rubber
✔ Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber (HNBR)
✔ Aflas®‡
✔ Carboxylated Nitrile
✔ Hypalon®*
✔ Santoprene
✔ Geolast® (Advanced Elastomer System)
✔ Polyurethane
✔ Rubber Urethane

* DuPont Performance Elastomers | § Product of Green Tweed

† Product of Simrit | ‡ Product of ACG Chemicals |  Product of Chemours Company


✔ Aluminum
✔ Silver
✔ Copper
✔ Soft Iron
✔ Mild Steels
✔ Annealed Nickel
✔ Nickel
✔ Monel
✔ Tantalum
✔ Stainless Steel
✔ Inconel
✔ Titanium


We also offer a full range of NSF/ANSI 51 and 61 certified custom molded rubber products for all potable beverage and food applications. You can find more information about our NSF/ANSI 51 and 61 products here.

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