Food manufacturing equipment

What does the NSF 51 and 61 Dual Certification Mean for Your Business?

Helping You Meet the Standards for Health and Safety

Did you know that North Coast Seal is one of the only distributors to have NSF 51 and 61 dual certification? Our molding rubber compound carries both the NSF 51 and NSF 61 certifications. These certifications mean that your product will meet the standards and health requirements set by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for any materials that come into contact with food or drinking water.


  • NSF/ANSI 51: This is the standard for Food Equipment Materials. NSF 51 certification ensures that any materials and finishes used in the manufacturing of food equipment and related components—such as plastic materials, seals, tubing, and other items—are safe for use in the production of food and beverages.


  • NSF/ANSI 61: This is the standard for Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects. NSF 61 certification is a distinction that will assure your consumers that your products are safe for use in drinking water.


These certifications are most relevant to the food and beverage, restaurant, and food processing industries. NSF 51 and 61 compliant materials provide you with superior assurance that your products are nontoxic, will keep liquids potable, and will be safe for your consumers and manufacturers. In short, our materials for food-related industries are safe, tough, and durable. We know that in your industry, there is no room for error—and so we leave no room for error.

How will North Coast Seal’s NSF 51 and 61 dual-certification benefit your organization? The National Science Foundation name is globally recognized and their visible certification instills trust in your product. Give your consumers the assurance of a product that meets the highest standards for health and safety in food-related industries. If you have questions regarding the certification or would like to work with NCS for your product needs, please reach out to our team.