NSF 51 and 61 Dual-Certified O-Rings

NSF 51 and 61 Dual-Certified O-Rings

Make Sure Your Food Equipment Is Safe and Compliant

In the food equipment manufacturing industry, the performance of every single component is key to the success of your operation. O-rings provide an important function within any machinery, and you rely on their durability. If your O-rings fail, the integrity of your equipment’s seals are compromised and can become deformed. O-ring failure can occur when the materials used are not compatible with the conditions in which your equipment operates. O-rings can also fail due to abrasion if they are not designed to withstand excessive temperatures.

The answer to these problems is to choose a sealing solution from a company that can ensure your O-rings’ performance and durability. North Coast Seal offers our clients NSF 51 and 61–compliant O-rings. We use a certified compound that meets the requirements of both NSF 51 and 61, so you can be assured your operations are safe, compliant, and sanitary. You can use our products or utilize our NSF 51 and 61 compliant materials in your own standard or custom configurations.

What does it mean to say that an O-ring is NSF 51 and 61 dual certified? It means the rubber compound used has been tested by an independent laboratory and approved for use in food processing, or in any process where a material comes into contact with drinking water. Our dual-certified material is deemed safe and free of any contaminants that would not be considered safe.

Benefits of North Coast Seal O-Rings

Enhance Your Food Processing Operations

North Coast Seal supplies food-grade O-rings to many clients in the food manufacturing industry. These O-rings are compressed during the assembly of your equipment and form a reliable seal.

The benefits of our NSF 51 and 61 dual-certified O-rings include:

Resistance to bacteria growth
Resistance to chemical intrusion
Ability to withstand corrosion and abrasion
They are nontoxic

We offer a variety of O-ring solutions in different material options to meet your precise specifications and needs, including:

Large O-rings: Large-scale O-rings that do not require joints, vulcanization, or glue
Encapsulated O-rings: FDA-compliant O-rings with high resistance
Square O-rings
Compression-molded O-rings

Please reach out to discuss your specific O-ring requirements so that we can work together to find the best material option for your needs.