North Coast Seal Announces Merger With Grotenrath Rubber Products Company, Inc.

Merger Brings Job Opportunities to Brook Park and Greater Cleveland

Brook Park, Ohio – December 1, 2020

North Coast Seal, a complete Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) fulfillment center in Brook Park, Ohio, has merged with Grotenrath Rubber Products Company, Inc., effective December 1, 2020. Both North Coast Seal and Grotenrath Rubber are family-owned Ohio companies with a shared commitment to unparalleled quality and superior service in the rubber products industry. The merger of these companies is a natural fit that will be mutually beneficial to current customers of both Grotenrath Rubber and North Coast Seal.

North Coast Seal, founded in 1985, is a family-owned and operated business that provides O-rings, seals, gaskets, and sealing devices to OEMs in industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and natural gas. As an ISO 9001–certified company, North Coast Seal is recognized as having demonstrated the ability to consistently provide sealing devices and custom molded rubber products that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Their full suite of industry-leading elastomer, plastic, and fastener products and services will now be available to Grotenrath Rubber customers across the United States. Throughout this transition, North Coast Seal is committed to continuing to provide transparency and traceability throughout the company.

Grotenrath Rubber, established in 1939, has a longstanding reputation of providing quality rubber products across North America. The business was inherited from founder William P. Grotenrath by his grandson Kirk DuBois in 1979. Under Kirk’s leadership over the last 40 years, Grotenrath Rubber has remained fully committed to providing unparalleled customer service, achieving their mission of providing fine products supported by fine service. That work will continue as Grotenrath Rubber moves from their North Royalton location and begins to operate out of North Coast Seal’s headquarters in Brook Park, creating new job opportunities for the citizens of Brook Park as well as the Greater Cleveland region.

For more information regarding the merger, please direct inquiries to Tom Sasura, Executive Vice President at North Coast Seal.

Contact: Tom Sasura
phone: 216.898.5000