Tetrafluoroethylene Propylene (FEPM, AFLAS®)

Tetrafluoroethylene Propylene (FEPM, AFLAS®) Materials

Providing Superior All-Around Chemical Resistance

Tetrafluoroethylene propylene—more commonly known as FEPM or the tradename AFLAS®—is a partially fluorinated polymer made of propylene and tetrafluoroethylene. This material is a melt-processable rubber, meaning it can be used by conventional injection molding and extrusion equipment. Tetrafluoroethylene propylene offers the following advantages over other rubber materials for the production of seals:

  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Unparalleled chemical resistance
  • High electrical resistance

If you are manufacturing seals in harsh environments, consider putting tetrafluoroethylene propylene to work for your application. Reach out to North Coast Seal to learn more.

The Benefits of Tetrafluoroethylene Propylene

Exceptional Heat and Chemical Resistance for Sealing Applications

Tetrafluoroethylene propylene is known as offering among the highest capabilities for chemical resistance. The material is heat resistant up to approximately 450°F (232°C) and is cold flexible down to approximately 15°F (-9°C).

Tetrafluoroethylene propylene is compatible with the following:

  • Bases
  • Phosphate esters
  • Amines
  • Engine oils
  • Steam
  • Hot water
  • Pulp and paper liquors

The material is not compatible with aromatic fuels, ketones, and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

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