We’ve “sealed the deal” on a new facility!

New space provides room for NCS Disaster Recovery Services

NCS is expanding due to growth and this time we are adding an additional off-site warehouse which is close enough to drive a tow motor, but far enough for a disaster recovery plan for our customers.

After searching for a new facility over the last few months, we have found a warehouse that is close in proximity and suits our needs. This addition will not only expand space for us, it will free up space in our existing facility which will allow us to operate more efficiently.

Does your business have a continuity plan? Use North Coast Seal as your provider of all O-rings, seals, gaskets and custom rubber molded products stored in multiple locations. In case of disaster, we will keep your operations running seamlessly. Let us assist you in your warehousing needs so you can concentrate on what you do best. Put your trust in our team’s hands and we will provide you with our quality, service and knowledge that your team deserves.

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ABOUT US: North Coast Seal is a complete OEM fulfillment center with extraordinary capabilities in elastomeric products.

Our dedicated staff is committed to serving the needs of our customers with quality, service and knowledge while creating an environment that fosters continuous growth and improvement.

Since 1985, our distribution and order fulfillment center has been providing O-rings, seals, gaskets and sealing devices to OEMs in many industries around the globe — including aerospace, automotive, medical and natural gas. We supply all component products with a strong expertise in elastomeric and all types of sealing products.

North Coast Seal offers our customers more than just sealing solutions. We offer a complete Vendor Management Inventory system, packaging, kitting, material verification center and state-of-the-art inspection machines that allow for the rapid, automated inspection of O-rings and other molded rubber parts. These, as well as other secondary operations, elevate our capabilities in meeting all of our customers’ needs.

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