North Coast Seal receives coupler manufacturer’s supplier award for 2014

We pride ourselves on quality and on-time delivery and are excited to have received an award that recognizes our success in those areas. Acting as a strategic partner and extension of our client’s operations, our hard work and dedication to zero defects helped rank us in the top 10 of 140 vendors. We will continue these efforts making sure our clients needs and expectations are met.

Through our inspection process we are able to take a commodity item and turn it into an engineered, zero-defect, elastomeric product that our customers can rely on. In the last 3 years we have invested close to $1 million in capital equipment — mainly investing in our inspection systems — to ensure our customers are receiving the most reliable products. As your strategic partner for all packaging, kitting, VMI and order fulfillment needs, NCS can provide products and deliver service essential to your company’s success.

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ABOUT US: North Coast Seal is a complete OEM fulfillment center with extraordinary capabilities in elastomeric products.

Our dedicated staff is committed to serving the needs of our customers with quality, service and knowledge while creating an environment that fosters continuous growth and improvement.

Since 1985, our distribution and order fulfillment center has been providing O-rings, seals, gaskets and sealing devices to OEMs in many industries around the globe — including aerospace, automotive, medical and natural gas. We supply all component products with a strong expertise in elastomeric and all types of sealing products.

North Coast Seal offers our customers more than just sealing solutions. We offer a complete Vendor Management Inventory system, packaging, kitting, material verification center and state-of-the-art inspection machines that allow for the rapid, automated inspection of O-rings and other molded rubber parts. These, as well as other secondary operations, elevate our capabilities in meeting all of our customers’ needs.

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