Tonight, kick back, relax and enjoy your favorite glass of wine. After all, it is #NationalDrinkWineDay!

Most people don’t think about what it takes to go from grape to bottle, but there are many details to take into consideration. Especially when it comes to the materials used to make the final product. Are those materials considered safe for food and drink contact? When it comes to safety, North Coast Seal knows that there is no room for error.

NCS works to supply our customers in the food and beverage industry with components that meet the design and construction requirements of the NSF Standard. NSF is the most accepted and trusted certification in commercial foodservice equipment, and products with the NSF mark receive guaranteed regulatory acceptance in North America and improved acceptance worldwide. When you need safe, tough, and durable products, you need North Coast Seal.

For more information on our NSF offerings, please visit our Materials page.

Now go pop open that bottle.