Inspection process

High-grade cameras and most-advance-level software assist in ensuring our customers are receiving the highest level of quality in their products. We offer the best inspection services in the industry and invite you to contact us to see how our service can benefit you!


Hector the Inspector is an automatic sorting system composed of two tables which enable the pieces to be checked on both sides. They are loaded in bulk and then separated in different bins, into good parts and scraps, at the end of each inspection cycle. The operator sets the machine with the parameters and the tolerances required and as a result, he obtains a complete report of the good parts. The machine guarantees a perfect repeatability of the checks and traceability of the inspected batches.

Hector also has an automated packaging system that will bag your parts immediately after inspection using pneumatic motion for sealing capabilities.

Hector’s Camera Checks

✔ Fully automated
✔ Up to 80mm for the max framed field
✔ Up to 15mm for the max pieces height
✔ 6-8 pieces per second
✔ Surface inspections
✔ Color identification
✔ Cuts
✔ Scratches
✔ Inclusions
✔ Haloes
✔ Piece counting
✔ Statistics
✔ Dimensions checks
✔ Contour
✔ Ovalization


✔ Planarity
✔ Thickness


Molly is a sophisticated measuring machine that collects sample data of all our incoming and outgoing products. This data consists of dimensions on the plane and thickness. It’s camera’s telecentric lens acquires the image without distortion on the 2D plane and it measures in inches and millimeters. It gives us the measurements within seconds, ensuring accuracy and repeatability each and every time. Its large telecentric lens is one of the keys to our success ensuring pin point accuracy.

This innovative instrument is able to simplify the measurements and the aspects controls during the entire inspection process which ensures our quality standards are above average. We can measure different shapes, sizes and dimensions utilizing this 2D/3D state-of-the-art technology.

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