Lighting Seals and Gaskets

Designed for Railcar Applications

Within any railcar application, lighting seals and gaskets have an important function. They provide effective sealing around lighting fixtures, preventing moisture, dust, and other contaminants from entering the railcar. They also create a barrier that protects the lighting system from moisture, as well as a degree of vibration dampening to absorb and reduce vibrations that may affect the stability or performance of lighting fixtures. If you are searching for the best industrial sealing solution for your railcar components, look no further than North Coast Seal. Let us know the specifics of your mass transit industry project and we will customize a solution to your exact needs.

Versatile and Resistant Sealing Materials

Design Your Lighting Seals and Gaskets to Perform


When it comes to the best materials for lighting seals and gaskets, you must consider the sealing properties of each material. For example, silicone is a popular choice for its high temperature resistance, durability, flexibility, and good resistance to UV exposure and moisture. Because silicone can maintain its sealing performance over a wide temperature range, it is a good option for railcar applications.

Other common choices include EPDM, which offers excellent flexibility and a wide temperature range, and neoprene, known for its durability and resistance to oils, chemicals, and weathering.

Ensure Effective Sealing for Your Railcars

Lighting Seals and Gaskets From North Coast Seal

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