Rubber-to-Metal Bonded Seals

Manufactured for the Heavy Truck and Trailer Industry

Vibration Dampening, Durability, and More

Rubber-to-metal bonded seals are specialized sealing solutions that combine the properties of rubber with the structural support of metal. These seals are created by bonding rubber components to metal elements, resulting in a robust and versatile product. In the heavy truck and trailer industry, rubber-to-metal bonded parts are commonly used for various applications due to their unique benefits:

Vibration Damping: This is crucial in heavy trucks and trailers, where constant vibrations are encountered during operation.

Enhanced Durability: The metal reinforcement provides structural integrity and durability to the seal, ensuring it can withstand heavy loads, impacts, and challenging environmental conditions.

Improved Temperature Resistance: Rubber-to-metal bonded seals can exhibit enhanced temperature resistance, making them suitable for applications in the heavy truck and trailer industry, where components may be exposed to a wide range of temperatures.

Chemical Resistance: The rubber component in these seals can offer resistance to various chemicals, oils, and fluids, making them effective in applications where exposure to different substances is common.

Sealing Integrity: The combination of rubber’s sealing properties with the stability of metal results in seals that provide effective and reliable sealing, preventing the ingress of contaminants and ensuring the integrity of enclosed components.

Primary Uses of Rubber-to-Metal Bonded Seals

Rubber-to-metal bonded seals are commonly used in suspension systems, providing effective sealing and vibration damping properties to enhance the performance and longevity of components. They are employed in engine mounts to absorb vibrations and shocks, contributing to a smoother and quieter operation of the heavy truck or trailer. In exhaust systems, rubber-to-metal bonded seals help absorb vibrations and provide a reliable seal, contributing to the overall efficiency and durability of the system.

Seals used in transmission components, such as mounts and connections, can benefit from the combined properties of rubber and metal for enhanced performance and longevity. Various chassis components, including bushings and mounts, may use rubber-to-metal bonded seals to improve durability, reduce vibration, and ensure the integrity of connections. And there’s more: Sealing solutions in axle assemblies may utilize rubber-to-metal bonded seals to withstand heavy loads and provide effective sealing, contributing to the longevity of the components.

Rubber-to-metal bonded seals are valuable components in the heavy truck and trailer industry, offering a combination of durability, vibration damping, and sealing integrity—and North Coast Seal stands ready with custom solutions for your manufacturing needs.

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