Heavy Truck and Trailer Industry

Sealing Solutions for Equipment Manufacturing

Ensure Durability and Reliability

The heavy truck and trailer industry has specific sealing solution needs driven by the demanding conditions and performance requirements of its equipment manufacturing. Heavy trucks and trailers operate in challenging environments, including varying temperatures, high loads, and exposure to road debris—seals must be durable and reliable to withstand these conditions over an extended lifespan. They must also be resistant to contaminants like dirt, water, and chemicals, be able to maintain effectiveness and flexibility across a wide temperature range, and possess the strength and load-bearing capacity required to withstand the pressures exerted during operation. North Coast Seal offers heavy truck and trailer seals that will ensure the longevity of your operations.

High-Quality Rubber, Plastic, and Metal Materials


The choice of material depends on factors such as the specific application, the type of fluids the seals will come into contact with, temperature ranges, and the required level of durability. Manufacturers select materials that offer optimal performance and longevity in the challenging conditions experienced by heavy trucks and trailers. North Coast Seal offers a range of material choices, including:


  • Nitrile Rubber: Offers excellent resistance to oil, fuel, and petroleum-based fluids as well as good abrasion resistance and durability
  • Viton (FKM): Offers exceptional chemical resistance to high temperatures and a range of fluids, including oils and fuels
  • Polyurethane: Able to withstand heavy loads, making them suitable for applications where there is constant movement and pressure
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene: Known for low friction and chemical resistance and suitable for applications where a high level of chemical compatibility and low friction is required
  • Silicone Rubber: Offers resistance to aging and weathering, making it suitable for seals exposed to varying environmental conditions
  • EPDM: Offers resistance to weathering, ozone, and aging, and provides durability when exposed to outdoor elements

Durability in Challenging Conditions

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