Industries Served

NCS products are used in a wide variety of industries and in various applications to meet customers’ needs. Our ability to resource and deliver a quality product at a competitive market price is why we lead the way as a supplier to OEMs.

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NCS Is ready to serve

✔ Actuators
✔ Aerospace / Military
✔ Agriculture / Construction
✔ Alternative Energy
✔ Appliances
✔ Automotive
✔ Chemical
✔ Cylinders
✔ Food / Beverage
✔ Fluid Power
✔ Fuel Dispensing
✔ Hydraulics
✔ Industrial Equipment

✔ Metering Devices
✔ Medical
✔ Motor Vehicle
✔ Natural Gas
✔ Oil Field Machinery / Oil
✔ Outdoor Power
✔ Pneumatics
✔ Potable Water / Water Filtration
✔ Pumps
✔ Recreation
✔ Semi-conductor
✔ Valves

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