Benefits of NSF 51–Certified Silicone

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Benefits of NSF 51–Certified Silicone

The Top Choice for Food Equipment Manufacturers

When it comes to selecting a material for use in food equipment manufacturing, it is hard to find an option better than food-grade silicone. A hybrid between a synthetic rubber and plastic polymer, silicone offers a superior alternative to plastic and an ideal solution for high-temperature applications. North Coast Seal provides clients with S-70, an NSF 51–certified silicone compound offering all of the inherent benefits of silicone in addition to the assurance that your product meets the standards of any potable water operation.

We Highly Recommend Silicone

There are many reasons why we recommend silicone to food equipment manufacturers. We see silicone used commonly in conveyor belts, where the material offers both non-slip and non-stick capabilities as well as durability. Silicone is also a very efficient option for any equipment that must operate in extreme temperatures.


The following are just a few of the many benefits of North Coast Seal’s NSF–51 silicone products:

Flexible Temperature Range
Because of its capacity to withstand such a wide range of temperatures, silicone can be used in both extremely cold environments, as low as -60 degrees celsius, and environments reaching temperatures upwards of 225 degrees celsius. This makes it a reliable choice for a variety of food manufacturing settings, as well as for use in food storage and transportation.

Resistance and Durability
Silicone is a low-volatile material that is tasteless, odorless, and nontoxic. It can withstand discoloration and is non-porous. These properties make it very resistant to bacterial and fungal growth that can occur on plastics. It also prevents any taste or odors from making their way into the food or beverage that the material may come into contact with.

Environmentally Safe
Silicone is non-hazardous and considered to be safer for the environment than other material choices such as plastic. Because silicone is highly durable and generally lasts longer, its use can help reduce material waste.

NSF 51 Certified
When you choose North Coast Seal’s NSF 51–certified silicone for your food equipment application, you have the extra assurance that your product meets the standards for any material that comes into contact with drinking water. You can have peace of mind that your equipment meets public health and sanitation guidelines in the food processing industry.

The Short List: Benefits of Silicone

FDA compliant

Long-lasting durability

High-temperature sealing capabilities

Low-temperature sealing capabilities

Thermal, chemical, and electrical resistance

Able to withstand discoloration

Resistant to bacteria and fungus growth

Tasteless and odorless




NSF 51 Silicone From North Coast Seal

Silicone Solutions for Food Equipment Manufacturers

We are pleased to offer clients NSF 51–certified silicone for use in a variety of operations, from food processing to the manufacturing of beverage dispensing systems. Please reach out to speak to our team about our available silicone sealing solutions for your industry.