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Work With NCS to Meet Your Health and Sanitation Challenges

In the food equipment industry, there are certain challenges that simply cannot be avoided. You must continually strive to meet and exceed standards for public health and sanitation. You must also troubleshoot and resolve any safety hazards that can arise when you are working with food-grade equipment, such as yogurt filling machines or automatic food tray fillers. Some issues can be the result of equipment design flaws but most are concerned with sanitation.

Food equipment manufacturers are well aware of the NSF 51 and 61 standards for food equipment and drinking water system components. When your equipment is certified by the NSF, there will be greater trust in your product. That trust trickles down to your employees, your product manufacturers, and future consumers. And, the NSF name on your product is internationally recognized, setting your product apart and improving its marketability.

North Coast Seal is here to make gaining the benefits of NSF certification as easy as possible. We offer clients like you the use of our NSF 51 and 61 dual-certified molding rubber compound in your application. When you manufacture your equipment using our NSF-certified parts, you can meet the rigorous health and sanitation standards of your industry.

NCS Offers Custom Seals for Food Equipment Manufacturing

Learn About Our NSF 51 and 61 Dual-Certified Seals

One use of our NSF 51 and 61 dual-certified material is the production of custom seals for the food industry. Our certified seals are safe for all potable water, food, and beverage applications. They can be used in the manufacturing of restaurant equipment and supplies, food processing equipment, and more. Our NSF-certified seals:

  • Are made with EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) cured with peroxide, offering stronger chemical and thermal resistance than other types of cured EPDM
  • Are designed to offer heat and aging stability at high temperatures
  • Have a commercial-grade rubber durometer score of 70, a measure of the material’s hardness and resistance

Are you interested in working with NCS for your custom sealing needs? Please reach out to our team to learn more.